Hubei Lanhuhuayuan Intelligent Machine&Package Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Our company is a manufacturer specializing in R&D, design and sales of woven and packaging machinery. The main products include flat seam type woven bag double head automatic sealing machine, woven bag valve mouth forming machine, inner film machine, bag making machine, printing and slitting machine, dB baler, packaging bag drop test machine, etc. Plastic machinery and equipment. The company is located in Huanghu Nanhu Industrial Park, Huanggang City, north to Beijing-Kowloon Railway, east to Daguang Expressway, and south to the golden waterway of the Yangtze River. The traffic is very convenient. Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the road of scientific and technological innovation and development, and actively cooperated with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Hubei University of Technology and other institutions of higher learning to systematically research and develop, design and manufacture woven packaging machinery series products, and obtained a number of inventions and practical applications. The new patents, product quality and performance are at the leading level in the domestic industry.

Paying attention to product quality enables the company to continue to develop, and attaching importance to after-sales service is the guarantee for the sustainable development of the company. The company combines production and use experience and customer advice, and constantly upgrades production technology to continuously introduce new products to serve the society.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of "establishing the business with sincerity, seeking the trust by quality, the way of governing the business, the words are not as good as the business, the responsibility of the industry, the ancestors of the future", and establishes the "head of the development of the industry, the first of the industry quality" Development goals, relying on the advantages of woven bag production, mechanical services to the comprehensive platform of packaging, packaging and upgrading machinery, and strive to create the first new enterprise in the central region of China to integrate plastic packaging and packaging machinery manufacturing.

Engaged in plastic woven bag production for more than 20 years

Business development goals

Forefront of the development of the industry legislation

Quality of precedent and creative industries

Business philosophy: To establish a business with sincerity, to seek truth by quality; To rule the way, not to say good things; To establish a career, the ancestors afterwards.

Development goal: Establishing the trend of industry development and creating the first product quality.

Entrepreneurial spirit: Gorgeous quality, from you and me.

Work style: Implementation first, implementation first.

Environmental protection concept: The Tao is natural, harmonious and far-reaching.
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