Beijing United Test Co., Ltd.

Beijing United Test Co., Ltd is an advancing with times testing machine manufacturer located in Beijing China. Focus on becoming Your Global Testing Partner, United Test insists on the supreme criterion is your saying and our product quality. With good communication with thousands of different field customers, as well as advanced technology, first class technician, now United Test has more than ten categories of testing equipments was put into international and domestic markets, like USA, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Swiss, Korea, Pakistan, Iran, Thailand etc.,

Our product is mainly includes:
Electronic universal testing machine;
Hydraulic universal testing machine;
Compression testing machine;
Hardness testing machine;
Impact testing machine;
Torsion testing machine;
Ring stiffness testing machine;
HDT/Vicat testing machine;
Pipe hydrostatic pressure testing machine;
Interface tensiometer;
Metallographic equipment;

Support by your teaching and saying, our highly response staffs is trying to make UnitedTest become your trustworthy testing partner!
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