Shanghai Cixi Instrument Co., Ltd.

Cixi flowmeter Co., Ltd. Was established in 2008 and since then has been dedicating itself to research and manufacture of various kinds of flowmeter. With sophisticated experience in technology and management, CIXI Flowmeter has made a name for itself as an excellent manufacturer of various kinds of flowmeter. In 2007, we have especially set up Shanghai Cixi Instrument Co. Ltd for handling the deals of Export.

Thanks to outstanding performance of products, CIXI Flowmeters are being applied in more and more fields where there′ S liquid to measure. Now company involves in polyurethane, fuel consumption, automotive, dispensing robots, semiconductors, odorizing equipment, batteries, electricity, telecommunications, petroleum, chemical, coal, metallurgy, water conservancy, food, medical, machinery and other industries. CIXI Flowmeters have found users in many countries besides China, such as Malaysia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa and so on. Increasing number of users are finding that CIXI Flowmeter are kind of product with super performance and reasonable price.

Now we have super mirco flow meter, oval gear flow meter, coriolis mass flow meter, electromagnetic flow meter, piston flow meter, and Spur gear flow meter, gear pump, gear metering pump. There is no other manufactures who can produce micro flow meter and many company import this kind of flow meter from Japan or America. After we put our micro flow meter into market, the news was spreaded widely and we got many reputation from our client. We now have sold this flow meter to more than 100 countries which contain wide and different applications. Meanwhile our oval gear flow meter has aquired many certificates and filled the vacancy of Chinese market. At the same time, in order to cooperate with the whole set of sales and services of the product, we can also produce supporting quantitative systems, various proportioning systems and industrial automation systems, allowing customers to have a wider range of choices.