Hongkong Joint Stars Group Limited

Hong Kong joint stars group is a provider of high technichal products, echnologies and services integrated company. our products are mainly used in agriculture, machinery, construction, electricity, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, aerospace research, experimentation and quality control departments and other units. our main products are: coating thickness gauge, ultrasonic flaw detector, ultrasonic thickness gauges, roughness tester, leeb hardness tester, portable vibration meter, hardness tester, brinell hardness, vicker hardness tester, carbon and sulfur analyzer, multi-element analyzers etc.

Hong Kong joint stars group will not only provide our clients with detailed pre-consultation work, pay more attention to improve the service, with industry, information, products and price advantage and all walks of life and the general domestic and international distributor to establish a good and close business. valuable experience to the user guide and support us, with our excellent products and warm service for every customer convenience.

our corporate culture: commitment, exploration, innovation, and beyond.

products, quality, service, price, delivery time. our commitment to customer satisfaction!