Test Instrument

Ceyear 4051 Series Signal/Spectrum Analyzer (3Hz~4GHz/9GHz/13.2GHz/18GHz/26.5GHz/40GHz/45GHz/50GHz/67GHz) Equivalent to Keysight R&S

Ceyear Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • After-sales Service:Local Distributor
  • Function:Signal,Spectrum Analysis
  • Display:10.1 Inches LCD Touchscreen
  • Usage:RF,Microwave,Mmw
  • Type:Benchtop Instrument
  • Environment:0-50ºC

Base Info

  • Model NO.:4051
  • Warranty:3 Year Warranty
  • Power Source:AC 100-240V
  • Weight:〉10Kg
  • Installation:Direct Connected
  • Customized:Non-Customized
  • Transport Package:Aluminum Transportation Case
  • Specification:W*H*D= 498mm*192mm*532mm
  • Trademark:Ceyear
  • Origin:China
  • HS Code:9030849000
  • Production Capacity:500 Pieces , Year


4051A/4051B/4051C/4051D/4051E/4051F/4051G/4051HFrequency range3Hz~4GHz/9GHz/13.2GHz/18GHz/26.5GHz/40GHz/45GHz/50GHz10MHz
Precise frequency referenceFrequency accuracy: ± (last calibration date × aging rate + temperature stability + calibration accuracy)
Aging rate: ± 1´10-7/year
Temperature stability: ± 1.5´10-8 (20°C ~ 30°C) ± 5´10-8 (0°C ~ 55°C) (±1.5´10-8)
Calibration accuracy: ± 4 ´10-8Frequency readout accuracy± (frequency readout × frequency reference accuracy+0.1% frequency band+5% resolution bandwidth+2Hz+0.5 horizontal resolution*) 
*: horizontal resolution = span/ (sweep points number - 1)Frequency counting accuracy± (frequency readout × frequency reference accuracy+0.1Hz)SpanRange:0Hz (zero span), 10Hz~the highest frequency of the model
Accuracy: ± (0.1%× span+span/ (sweep points number-1))Sweep time rangespan≥10Hz: 1ms~4000s
span=0Hz: 1us~6000sResolution bandwidthRange: 1Hz~3MHz (1, 2, 3, 5 stepping)  4, 5, 6, 8, 10MHz
Conversion uncertainty:  £ ± 0.3dBVideo bandwidth1Hz~3MHz (1, 2, 3, 5 stepping)  4, 5, 6, 8, 10MHz (rated value) Signal analyzing bandwidth10Hz~10MHz (standard), 40MHz (option), 200MHz (option)Memory depth500MSamplesTrigger modeFree, power source, video, external level (front panel), external level (back panel), burst RF, timerWave-detection modeNormal, positive peak, negative peak, sampling,video average power average, voltage averageSSB phase noise
(1GHz carrier,20°C ~ 30°C)Frequency offsetFeatureTypical100Hz-96dBc/Hz-105dBc/Hz1kHz-115dBc/Hz-118dBc/Hz10kHz-125dBc/Hz-129dBc/Hz100kHz-125dBc/Hz-129dBc/HzResidual FM (central frequency 1 GHz, resolution bandwidth 10Hz, video bandwidth 10Hz)≤(0.25 Hz x N) p-p,the rated value within 20 ms
N is the number of frequency multiple times of LO Displayed average noise level (the input end is connected to match load, sampling or average wave detection, the average type is logarithm, 0dBinput attenuation, RF gain takes the DANL as the priority, 20°C ~ 30°C)Frequency rangeFeatureTypical10MHz~1GHz-153dBm/Hz-156dBm/Hz1GHz~2GHz-151dBm/Hz-154dBm/Hz2GHz~3GHz-150dBm/Hz-153dBm/Hz3GHz~3.6GHz-148dBm/Hz-151dBm/Hz3.6GHz~4GHz-145dBm/Hz-148dBm/Hz4GHz~4.4GHz-148dBm/Hz-152dBm/Hz4.4GHz~9GHz-150dBm/Hz-152dBm/Hz9GHz~18GHz-148dBm/Hz-151dBm/Hz18GHz~26.5GHz-143dBm/Hz-146dBm/Hz26.5GHz~40GHz-138dBm/Hz-144dBm/Hz40GHz~50GHz-133dBm/Hz-141dBm/HzFrequency rangeWith preamplifier (on)With preamplifier (on,typical)10MHz~1GHz-162dBm/Hz-164dBm/Hz1GHz~2GHz-162dBm/Hz-165dBm/Hz2GHz~3GHz-160dBm/Hz-164dBm/Hz3GHz~3.6GHz-156dBm/Hz-163dBm/Hz3.6GHz~4GHz-155dBm/Hz-162dBm/Hz4GHz~4.4GHz-155dBm/Hz-164dBm/Hz4.4GHz~9GHz-155dBm/Hz-164dBm/Hz9GHz~18GHz-154dBm/Hz-160dBm/Hz18GHz~26.5GHz-154dBm/Hz-157dBm/Hz26.5GHz~40GHz-150dBm/Hz-152dBm/Hz40GHz~50GHz-145dBm/Hz-150dBm/HzFrequency response & absolute amplitude accuracy (10dB attenuation,
20°C ~ 30°C)Frequency rangeFeatureTypical feature3Hz~20MHz<±0.7dB<±0.5dB20MHz~2GHz<±0.5dB<±0.4dB2GHz~3.6GHz<±0.7dB<±0.5dB3.6GHz~4GHz<±1.0dB<±0.8dB4GHz~9GHz<±1.5dB<±0.9dB9GHz~18GHz<±2.0dB<±1.0dB18GHz~26.5GHz<±2.5dB<±1.2dB26.5GHz~40GHz<±3.0dB<±1.8dB40GHz~50GHz<±3.0dB<±2.0dBFrequency rangePreamplifier on/offPreamplifier on/off (typical)3Hz~20MHz<±1.2dB/±1.5dB<±0.6dB/±0.6dB20MHz~2GHz<±1.0dB/±1.5dB<±0.6dB/±0.8dB2GHz~3.6GHz<±1.2dB/±1.5dB<±0.6dB/±0.9dB3.6GHz~4GHz<±1.5dB/±1.8dB<±1.0dB/±1.2dB4GHz~9GHz<±2.0dB/±2.5dB<±1.3dB/±1.5dB9GHz~18GHz<±2.5dB/±3.0dB<±1.5dB/±1.6dB18GHz~26.5GHz<±3.0dB/±3.5dB<±1.6dB/±1.8dB26.5GHz~40GHz<±3.5dB/±4.0dB<±2.2dB/±2.3dB40GHz~50GHz<±3.5dB/±4.0dB<±2.4dB/±2.6dBAbsolute amplitude accuracy (10 dB attenuation, 20°C ~ 30°C, 1 Hz ≤resolution bandwidth≤ 1 MHz, input signal -10 ~ -50 dBm):
±0.24dB                  500MHz
± (0.24dB+frequency response)   all frequency1dB gain compression (mixer level, dual-tone test, resolution bandwidth is 5kHz, 3MHz frequency interval, 20°C ~ 30°C)Frequency rangeFeature20MHz~40MHz-3dBm40MHz~200MHz+1dBm200MHz~4GHz+3dBm4GHz~9GHz-1dBm9GHz~50GHz+1dBmTOI distortion (
input mixer 2 -10dBm signal test, frequency interval is 50kHz,20ºC~30ºC)Frequency rangeFeatureTypical feature10MHz~200MHz+13dBm+15dBm200MHz~4GHz+13dBm+16dBm4GHz~9GHz+11dBm+15dBm9GHz~18GHz+13dBm+15dBm18GHz~50GHz+13dBm+17dBmResidual response
(the input end is connected to match load, 0dB attenuation)-100dBm               200kHz~9GHz
-100dBm (rated value)     other frequencyDimensionsW×H×D= 498mm×192mm×532mm (including handle, foot-pad, bottom feet)
W×H×D= 426mm×177mm×460mm (excluding handle, foot-pad, bottom feet)WeightAbout 25kg (different configuration cause different weight) Power supplyAC 220/240V: 50/60HzPower consumptionStandby: less than 20W; operating: less than 400WTemperature rangeOperating temperature: 0°C ~ +50°C; storage temperature: -40°C ~ +70°CInput connectorAV4051A/B/C/D: type N (female), impedance: 50Ω
AV4051E: 3.5mm (male), impedance: 50Ω
AV4051F/AV4051G/AV4051H: 2.4mm (male), impedance: 50ΩNotes:
1. Rated values refer to the estimated performance, or the performance which is useful for the product beyond the warrant range. 
2. Typical value refers to other performance information beyond the product guarantee range; when the performance is over the technical index, 80% of the samples will present 95% confidence within 20°C ~ 30°C temperature range; typical performance excludes test uncertainty 

1. What is the relationship between China Electronics Technology Instruments Co., Ltd and  Ceyear Technologies Co., Ltd?
China Electronics Technology Instruments Co., Ltd is the former name of Ceyear Technologies Co., Ltd before Year 2021, but the brand of both are all Ceyear. SInce the beginning of 2021, as Ceyear is to be a listed company, the name was transformed from China Electronics Technology Instruments Co., Ltd to Ceyear Technologies Co., Ltd. Therefore, in previous product introductions and company catalog, sometimes you can still find the name of China Electronics Technology Instruments Co., Ltd

2. Is Ceyear a manufacturer or a trading company?
Ceyear is a manufacturer first, with R&D team (around 1500 engineer), production line (around 500 people), and domestic and overseas slaes team.
Thus Ceyear is a company integrating R&D, production and sales.

3. What products do you have?
T&M instruments, optical communication tools, microwave component, test systems, and other customized products.

4. How can I get local sevice?
Ceyear has worked with local distributors in different countries for many years, and could provide local after-sale services with the help of those local partners. If you already have some products of Ceyear(previously EI brand included) and looking for services, you can directly contact us through Made-in-China platform.