Test Instrument

ASTM F392 Rtt-01 Gelbo Flex Durability Restistance Tester for Plastic Film Aluminum Foil

Pubtester Instruments Co., Ltd.
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Display:Digital
  • Control:Computer Control
  • Weight:0-100Kg
  • Power Source:AC220V
  • Flex Frequency:45 Cpm

Base Info

  • Model NO.:RTT-01
  • Test Mode:Standard
  • Tensile & Pressing Force:300n, Optional with Customization
  • Torque:2nm
  • Specimen Thickness:3mm(Customization)
  • Flex Angle:440 Degree , 400 Degree
  • Horizontal Stroke:155 mm , 80 mm
  • Stations:4
  • Trademark:Pubtester
  • Origin:China


Basic Info.

Model NO. RTT-01 Test Mode Standard Tensile & Pressing Force 300n, Optional with Customization Torque 2nm Specimen Thickness 3mm(Customization) Flex Angle 440 Degree / 400 Degree Horizontal Stroke 155 mm / 80 mm Stations 4 Trademark Pubtester Origin China

Product Description

RTT-01 Flex Durability Tester

RTT-01 Flex Durability Tester is professionally applicable to the determination of flex durability of flexible films, composite films and coating films. The instrument can simulate the kneading and creasing behaviors of films happened during production, processing and transportation. The flex durability can be obtained by measuring the changes in number of pinholes or barrier properties after test, which can provide quantitative basis for package design and practical usage.
ASTM F392 Rtt-01 Gelbo Flex Durability Restistance Tester for Plastic Film Aluminum Foil

Product Features
High-end Configuration
  • Six standard test modes including condition A, B, C, D, E and F.
  • High-frequency data acquisition system, up to 500 times/s to ensure accurate data collection
  • High-performance servo motors with closed-loop feedback to ensure full functionality of testing
  • Four stations improve the testing efficiency
  • Equipped with micro-printer that can print number of experiments, mode and other information

Intelligence and Efficiency
  • 7" HD colorful touch screen operation, display test parameters in real time
  • With automatic data storage, statistical analysis, power-down automatic memory and other functions, convenient for users to manage data
  • Storage up to 5000 test records 
  • Equipped with an emergency stop button to ensure test safety
  • Provides professional customization services to meet the individual needs of users in fixtures, software, etc.
  • Free software upgrade service lifetime
Test Principle
Mount the clamping tool on the test bench to fix the sample, set a test number and rotation parameters, and realize sample pretreatment work by rotating, compressing, and stretching the sample.

Basic ApplicationExtended application
Flexible Films, Composite Films and Coating Films including plastic films, sheets and composite films e.g. composite films, aluminized films, aluminum plastic composite films, nylon films and coating films for food or drug packagesTest the flex durability of paper materials

Technical Specifications
Flex Frequency45 cpm

Test Mode
Condition A (2700 cycles),
Condition B (900 cycles), 
Condition C (270 cycles),
Condition D (20 cycles), 
Condition E (20 cycles partial flex),
Condition F (Set freely)
Tensile & Pressing Force300N, optional with customization
Specimen Thickness3mm(customization)
Flex Angle440° / 400°
Horizontal Stroke155 mm / 80 mm
Specimen Size280 mm x 200 mm
Dimension800 mm (L) × 450mm (W) × 680mm (H)
Power Supply220VAC±10% 50Hz
Net Weight90 kg

ASTM F392, YY/T0681.12

Standard configuration: Instrument, Adjustable Positioning Ring, Micro-printer, Sampler

Optional configuration: Stainless steel clamping tool 64(91mm~114mm)

About Us
Established in Jinan, China, Pubtester Instruments Co., Ltd has developed into a major manufacturer and supplier of flexible packaging testing instruments in China. In the year of 2020, Pubtester launched a series of testing instruments specilized in medical device (medical dressings, syringes, catheters, gloves and aseptic packaging, etc), which meet the increasing testing demand for medical industry since 2019. Pubtester has its own packaging testing center, equipped with more than 80 sets of testing instruments, which can perform barrier, force and strength, heat sealing, hot tack, coefficient of friction, thickness, tearing, impact, heat resistance, leakage, flex durability , adhesion, color, fastness and other testing items, and provide testing services to customers. By 2021, Pubtester instruments have been exported to more than 40 countries and areas including UK, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Nigeria, Morocco, Kenya, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Columibia, Mexico, etc. Pubtester has a great technical team of professionals, all of whom have more than 10 years experience in packaging testing industry, which provide our customers with comprehensive technical services and solutions all the time.
ASTM F392 Rtt-01 Gelbo Flex Durability Restistance Tester for Plastic Film Aluminum Foil