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Cxnr-400d Mfr Mvr Melt Flow Rate Meter with Touch Screen Display

Jinan Chenji International Trade Co., Ltd.
  • After-sales Service:Whole Life
  • Certification:TUV
  • Power:Electronic
  • Warranty:1 Year
  • Style:Desktop
  • Application:School, Lab

Base Info

  • Model NO.:CXNR-400D
  • Time Range:0-999s
  • Temperature Control Range:50-450degree
  • Accuracy:± 0.2 ºC
  • Resolution:0.1 ºC
  • Sensor Measurement Range:0 - 40mm
  • Accuracy 1:± 0.05mm
  • Dimensions:550 × 370 × 600mm
  • N.W.:25kgs
  • Weight of The Host:21.6 Ks
  • Transport Package:Standard Package
  • Specification:500*300*800
  • Trademark:Chenji or OEM
  • Origin:China Jinan or Others


Basic Info.

Model NO. CXNR-400D Time Range 0-999s Temperature Control Range 50-450degree Accuracy ± 0.2 ºC Resolution 0.1 ºC Sensor Measurement Range 0 - 40mm Accuracy 1 ± 0.05mm Dimensions 550 × 370 × 600mm N.W. 25kgs Weight of The Host 21.6 Ks Transport Package Standard Package Specification 500*300*800 Trademark Chenji or OEM Origin China Jinan or Others

Product Description

CXNR-400D Melt flow rate meter with Touch screen display and printing
Cxnr-400d Mfr Mvr Melt Flow Rate Meter with Touch Screen Display
Product Superiority,

1. MFR &MVR test method
2. Touch screen display
3. with a built-in printer
4. Cut-off the extrusion automatically
5. Easy to operate
1. Characteristics and Usage
KXNR-400D melt flow rate meter is designed and manufactured according to GB / T3682, ASTM D1238, JB / T5456, ISO1133 standards for the determination of thermoplastic melt mass flow rate (MFR) and melt volume flow (MVR). . The mass flow rate of the melt is measured by manual and automatic sampling and the balance is weighed. The volume flow rate of the melt is measured by a displacement sensor and an automatic timing system. The time required for the piston to move a specified distance is measured first, and then calculated according to the formula Volume flow rate. The final results of the two determination methods are printed out by a micro printer.
The instrument uses color touch screen display, PLC microcomputer control, modular circuit, accurate measurement data, simple operation, intuitive and clear, stable and reliable performance. It is not only suitable for polycarbonate (PC), fluoroplastics, Engineering plastics such as nylon are also used for testing plastics with lower melting temperatures, such as polyethylene (PE) and ABS resins. They are widely used in plastics production, plastic products, petrochemical industries, as well as colleges, scientific research units, and commodity inspection departments.2. Standards-compliant

2.1 ISO 1133 Plastics- Determination of the melt MFR and MVR of thermoplastics.

2.2 GB/T 3682 Determination of the melt mass-flow rate (MFR) and the melt volume-flow rate (MVR) of thermoplastics

3. Technological indicators:  
(1) Extrusion material part:
Die inner diameter Φ2.095 ± 0.005mm
Die length 8.000 ± 0.025 mm
Barrel inner diameter Φ9.550 ± 0.007 mm
Barrel length 152 ± 0.1 mm
Piston rod diameter 9.474 ± 0.007 mm
Piston rod head length 6.350 ± 0.10 mm
(2) Test load quality (level eight)
Level 10.325 3.187 Piston rod + weight tray
Level 21.200 11.77 0.325+0.875 Weight
Level 32.160 21.18 0.325+1.835 Weight
Level 43.800 37.26 0.325+3.475 Weight
Level 55.000 49.030.325+ 4.675 Weight
Level 610.000 98.07 0.325+4.675 Weight+5.000
Level 712.000 122.58 0.325+4.675 +5.000+ 2.500
Level 821.600 211.82 0.325+0.875+1.835+3.475+4.675+ 5.000+ 2.500+2.915
  The relative error of the weight of the piston rod and the combined weight is not more than ± 0.5%
(3) Time range: 0 ~ 999s
(4) Temperature control range: 50 ~ 450 ºC
   Accuracy: ± 0.2 ºC Resolution: 0.1 ºC
(5) Sensor measurement range 0 ~ 40mm, accuracy ± 0.05mm
(6) Time measurement range: 0 ~ 999.99s, accuracy ± 0.1s
(7) Overall dimensions: (length × width × height) 550 × 370 × 600mm
(8) Weight (kg): 25kg weight of the host 21.6kg 4. Software showing: 
Cxnr-400d Mfr Mvr Melt Flow Rate Meter with Touch Screen DisplayCxnr-400d Mfr Mvr Melt Flow Rate Meter with Touch Screen DisplayCxnr-400d Mfr Mvr Melt Flow Rate Meter with Touch Screen Display