SanShine Electronics (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd.

SanShine has been created in 2000. SanShine is the leading machine, electronic test instrument and tools manufacturer. We offer competitive price and good quality & service for our customers.

Our products service electronics/electric manufacturers(transformer, inductor, PCB, motor, relay, link, cable, socket, capacitor, resistor, toroid coil manufacturers).

1. Transformer Auto. Analyzer, LCZ / LCR analyzer, DCR analyzer, LCR meter, surger tester, Hi-pot tester(high voltage tester), insulation tester, digital oscilloscope, cable / linker Auto. Tester, AC/DC power supplier, UPS supplier, frequency conversion power supplier, optical fiber tester, bobbin coil turns tester, toroid coil turns tester, multimeter.

2. Amorphouse ribbon produce machine, Transformer Auto. Winding machine, toroid coil Auto. Winding machine, toroid coil hook type winding machine, air coil Auto, winding machine, solder tinning pot, Auto. Solder tinning machine, maganetic wire stripping machine, PVC insulation wire hot stripper, glue dispenser machine, wire cutting machine, textile belt cutting machine.

3. Winding nozzle of transformer / inductor / relay / motor Auto. Winding machine, toroid coil winding hook, wire tensioner, ceramics parts for winding machine, testing clip, testing wire, testing jig, testing prob, branding iron, product box / dish, liquid dispenser nozzle and tank.

SanShine makes your T&M quickly and easy!